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About Strasburg Shoppes

Located at the intersection of two of the oldest roadways in Pennsylvania, Strasburg Square has always been a center of activity. The building that currently houses the Country Store and Creamery has served many purposes for the people of Strasburg, including tavern, town meeting spot, post office, general store and pharmacy. In 1984 the property was opened in its current form and . . . well . . . the rest is history.

The rest of the Strasburg Shoppes at Center Square have an equally interesting history. What is now the Strasburg Winery served as the town's frozen food locker for as long as most folks around here can remember. What is now the Strasburg Bakery was for many years The Yule Shop, a Christmas themed store. And The Village Inn B&B has always been a hotel, catering to travelers who have visited Strasburg riding everything from horseback to Harley Davidsons.

To learn more about Strasburg's rich history, be sure to visit:

Strasburg Heritage Society
124 South Decatur Street
Strasburg, PA 17579

Ph: 717-687-3534


Grab a bite at the famous Creamery and Deli. Stop by our Country Store and Candy Kitchen for more delicious eats.


Browse our Country Store and Candy Kitchen, peruse our Winery, check out the Bakery, and shop at our Stores.


Spend some time in Strasburg by being our guest at the beautiful and historic Village Inn Bed and Breakfast.