Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make your own ice cream?

Yes! All of our ice cream is made on-site using only the finest ingredients. It contains 14% butter fat, which gives it that extra creamy texture. We also use locally made Wilbur chocolates for our chocolate-based ice cream flavor, and all of our stir-ins are top of the line when it comes to quality and taste.

Do you make your own waffle cones?

Yes, we make our waffle cones, waffle bowls and one of our favorite toppings - waffle crunchies! You can see them being made right before your eyes. We have 10 waffle irons in the creamery, and during the summer they work extra hard every single day to make the fresh cones and bowls. The best part is the delicious aroma that fills the creamery as they are being cooked.

Do you have your own dairy?

No, we do not have our own cows out back, but we do work with a local dairy to provide our creamy ice cream ingredients.

What are the most popular ice cream flavors?

We have over 24 flavors of ice cream available every day at the creamery. While we always carry our customers' favorites, we also feature 8 special flavors that vary depending on the season.

Pumpkin, Candy Cane, Eggnog and Ginger Snap only appear around the holidays. During the summer, we are always whipping up fresh fruit concoctions as well. Look for these exciting different flavors - and more! - to show up periodically throughout the year.

What is Teaberry?

A teaberry is a small berry that grows on hillsides. In 1900, a brand of chewing gum was created using this subtle minty-berry flavor. This pink-wrapper classic is sold in our penny-candy section of the Candy Kitchen. Our ice cream flavor was created to mimic this classic gum product, and it has a slightly sweet and minty taste.

Can I take home the ice cream from Strasburg Creamery?

Yes! We sell our ice cream by the quart for you to take home to your friends and family. If we are having a busy day serving freshly dipped scoops to customers, it may take awhile to scoop your to-go container. We always dip our ice cream fresh. However, you are welcome to give us a call and place your order, so we can have it ready for you when you arrive.

Do you make any of the candies you sell in the store?

We make several of our sweets right in front of your eyes. Stop in to see our delicious fudge flavors being created on our huge marble slab. We also use the marble to make peanut brittle and caramel popcorn. Our homemade nut butters come in a variety of flavors, such as roasted honey peanut, cashew and almond. Free samples are always available.

How long has the Strasburg Creamery been around? (What year did the Creamery start making their ice cream?)

We have been proudly making some of Lancaster's finest ice cream since 1984. To read more about the history of the creamery, visit the About Us page.

Why do you need that big slab of marble to make fudge?

It takes over 20 pounds of fudge ingredients to make a single loaf of fudge-flavors, so we really need all of that space just to make one flavor at a time. The marble will remain at room temperature, which is an important factor in making the perfect batch of fudge. When we pour the 200 degree mixture of fudge onto the marble slab, it will help absorb that heat and cool it down quickly. Then we can shape and mold the fudge into the beautiful shape you see in our cases.

I am from out of town. Can I have your candy delivered?

Yes, you can! We ship within the continental United States. Call us directly to place your order with one of our staff members.

Do you use peanut oil in your kitchen?

No, we use a vegetable oil to make our french fries and other deep-fried items in our deli.


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