Two High-Profile Politicians Pay A Visit To The Creamery

You may have heard that earlier in this week, two high-profile guests visited the Strasburg Creamery to cool off from the sweltering summer heat with a cone. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf joined Virginia Senator (and Vice Presidential Candidate) Tim Kaine and an entourage of local media (after the Secret Service swept the facility, which was pretty exhilarating!) ahead of a speech in Lancaster later that evening.

We had been scouted as a possible location about a week ahead of the visit when someone suggested we were a great place to get ice cream in the Lancaster area. (We happen to agree!)

Kaine told us that his favorite ice cream treat is coffee ice cream with chocolate chips and hot fudge. Although that particular sundae wasn't on our menu, accommodating the order was no problem: we handled the special order like we always do -- with utmost attention to detail and a smile on our faces. (Kaine had a smile on his face too while eating it.)

What was the Governor's treat of choice? Chocolate ice cream in a cake cone. From one extreme of creativity to the other, we pride ourselves on making every treat delicious.

With 24 flavors of ice cream available daily, a choice of waffle cone, cake cone, or bowl, an abundant array of toppings and mix-ins, and the boundless creativity of you and your tastebuds, every order at the Creamery is a special order. Many of our customers have favorites that are certainly unique, but that's what makes the ice cream business so much fun ... you never know what the next order will be, and who knows, it may even come from a candidate to be Vice President or your own governor!

More importantly, though, we take pride in serving the dairy-loving residents and tourists in Lancaster County with the best ice cream around.

What's your favorite combination? Is there something new you want to try? If you can think of it, we can make it. Although the heat may subside briefly over the weekend, it's sure to return in full force next week, so be sure to stop by to give your favorite sundae a try! We'll be waiting.

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