strasburg winery by allegro

Strasburg Winery by Allegro

Allegro Winery recently set up shop between the Village Inn and Creamery. Carl Helrich, Winemaker and owner of Allegro, sat down to give us the scoop on his vision for the new Strasburg space. We talked to him about his business, his wine, and his interest in the area.

The Allegro Story

“Well, I was really trying to get out and away from the corporate world,” Helrich said when asked about what brought him into winemaking in the first place.

“I was working in the unfinished furniture business, and it became apparent to my wife and I that it wasn’t going to last. I just wasn’t a very good employee.”

Allegro’s vineyards have been around since 1973. The previous owner of the property sold Helrich and his wife the vines and winery building in 2000 – and they’ve been growing steadily ever since.

Why Strasburg?

Allegro Winery is located in Brogue in Southern York County. We asked Helrich what brought him across the bridge. “There is a kind of unspoken distinction between the two counties,” he commented,

“Of course the biggest reason for opening in Strasburg is that we want to make our wines more available to our Lancaster customers. We’re just outside of Lancaster City now, and the people of Lancaster really respect local products and operations.”

The Wines

Allegro Winery is known for it European-style dry reds and whites, a German-style Riesling, and an assortment of sweet fruit, grape and spiced wines. Helrich mentioned that a collection of wines will feature special edition “Strasburg Winery” names and labels. Currently available are: Dutch Red, a sweet red grape wine; Dutch White, made with sweet white grapes; and, Dutch Spice, a sweet and spicy wine that can be served sangria-style or enjoyed warm in a mug.

So When Can We Visit?

The grand opening of Strasburg Winery by Allegro will be Friday through Sunday, the weekend of August 21st - 23rd. There will be free music outdoors on Friday evening from 7-9 sponsored by the Strasburg Shoppes, and the winery will be open until 9 pm that evening. The winery will feature free wine tasting throughout the weekend, and visitors (over age 21) may sample “Dutch Slush”, Allegro’s frozen wine slushy.

Strasburg Winery by Allegro is open daily from 11 am to 7 pm and is located at 11 W. Main Street.

More information about Allegro Winery and Strasburg Winery by Allegro can be found at

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