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This Easter’s Ten Best Alternative Egg Ideas

We’re all fans of the traditional techniques for decorating Easter Eggs, but there’s more out there than just dipping and dying. So as a seasonal tip o’ the hat to the Do-It-Yourself revolution – we’ve decided to put together the ten best alternative decorating ideas for this spring-time staple:

1. Use Crayons – or crowns – or however you pronounce it…

… Either way, get your hands on a box of crayons and go to town adding colors and designs.

The eggs will still be pretty warm – which helps to melt the wax and allows you to press lightly, minimizing the risk of cracks or breaks.

2. Accentuate with Themed Stickers

Use temporary stickers (or temporary tattoos) instead of paint. Be sure to let the outside of the eggs cool and dry. This ensures the stickers will hold without slipping, bubbling or peeling.

Work with themes – Girls will adore princess or fairy stickers and boys will love superheroes or monster trucks

3. Mark 'Em Up

boho easter bunny eggs spring april 3. Mark 'Em Up

Use colored markers to draw intricate designs onto your eggs. There are all kinds of different colors, styles and tips out there – so have fun with it! Go Wild!

4. Old Silk Tie-Dying

Alright, this one’s pretty awesome.

First, go into Dad’s closet, grab the box with grandpa’s old ties in it (all the ones dad never wears) and pick a few that he’s willing to part with. Find a tie that’s 100% silk. The more colorful, the better. Find something with a design you really like – something busy and bright.

Now cut a piece of the fabric large enough to easily wrap and cover your egg. Wrap the fabric with the design against the outside of the egg, and pull it tight enough to cover the egg’s entire surface. Tie off the end, put the whole thing into a pot and cover it with water.

Add a’ quarter cup of vinegar, and then boil it for 15 or 20 minutes. Once you’ve taken it off the heat – be sure to let it cool and dry – then unwrap your masterpiece and behold!

5. Wrap Them in Baker’s Twine

Baker’s twine is available in all sorts of colors, and the pattern of the twine creates an impressive effect when spun around your egg. With Just a few dabs of hot glue and a little patience and precision – you’ve got an Easter center-piece that makes it worth inviting the neighbors over for brunch.

6. Dunk Them in Glitter

Who doesn’t love glitter? All you need is some craft glue, plenty of colors of glitter, and an area to let them sit and dry. The kids will love the mess – and of course, the finished product.

Add them to a setting in a decorative bowl, or put them in an Easter bouquet for festive flair.

7. Tissue Paper Tie-Dye

easter bunny eggs many colors spring time cool 7. Tissue Paper Tie-Dye

Here’s an opportunity for the classic tie-dyed Easter egg look – but with a totally minimal mess-factor. All you’ve got to do is cut up pieces of tissue paper, dip them in water, and place them all over the surface of your eggs.

After the eggs have dried, peel off the paper and you’ll see blotches of pastel coloring. Experiment with patterns and colors as much as you like!

8. Sprinkle-Eggs

Get your hands on plenty of pastel-colored seasonal sprinkles, some craft glue and a medium-sized bowl. Cover, roll and let dry. Pretty cool, eh?

The kids will really enjoy playing in the mess – just be sure to let them know the glue on the eggs makes them inedible. This goes for the excess sprinkles too.

9. Use Chalkboard Paint

Cover your eggs with a base of chalkboard paint – you know, that cool stuff they put on labels and mason jars now. Now the kids can make doodles and designs in different colored chalks.

10. Pressed Flower-Eggs

This last one gets the kids out of the house and into the springtime sun – and it also offers up some really beautiful Easter eggs. Gather up some flowers and press them. Then all you’ve got to do is cover areas of the egg in glue and press the flowers neatly (and delicately) into whatever design you like.

This should give you a good idea of how much fun you can have this Easter! Whether they’re Gifts, treats or simply décor – eggs have always been the image of the season. Remember, if you decide to decorate your eggs in a non-traditional or unconventional way – check that none of your crafts or materials are toxic before considering whether or not to eat the eggs after you’ve displayed them.

If you want to try one of these ideas out but you’re worried about wasting eggs, you can always pick up Styrofoam eggs at a craft store and have a little more frivolous fun without fear of breaking or dropping anything too valuable.

Although our focus has been about one of the more commercial aspects of Easter, we also want to remind you that Easter Sunday Is about celebrating the rising from the dead of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and ascended to heaven to be at the right hand of God, the Father. He is risen!

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