April Means Gearing Up For Easter

posted on April 1, 2017
SS April Flower

Here in Lancaster County, we are ready for the April showers as families prepare for Easter that will be here April 16th.

Traditional Easter Egg Hunts are being planned both at homes and within the community. That means that there will be lots of sweat candy filled eggs and Easter baskets. Our Candy Kitchen has many different surprises that one might put inside plastic eggs or baskets for little ones to enjoy finding and delighting in confections that many generations have loved. If you are not from Lancaster County, you can still order and we can ship directly to you from our Country Store And Candy Kitchen.

Hard boiled eggs are being prepared to be dyed, decorated and embellished. A Pumpkin & A Princess shares over 30 ways to decorate eggs, including the “cool” things that youngsters are into.

SS April Eggs

If you are looking to add to the fun of discovering eggs or sweet filled baskets, Edventures With Kids has free printable clues that you can send children on a scavenger hunt to find what they are looking for.

SS April Eggs Clues
SS April Easter Meals 4

While the entire family gathers to celebrate, you might want to enjoy playing games that everyone can participate in. Good Housekeeping shares 25 Easter Games that will have everyone getting in on the fun.

Different families have traditional meals that they serve. Many serve Ham. Not sure what to bring along as a dish? Love Bakes Good Cakes offers of 40 Easter Dinner Ideas so there is no reason to show up empty handed.

If you are looking to start some new family traditions for the holiday, It’s Always Autumn has 17 new ones you may want to try.

Whatever your holiday looks like, we hope that you have a safe and happy one and that these ideas might help inspire you or get you into the Easter spirit.


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