Autumn Flavors


Autumn is finally descending upon us. In the coming weeks, the lush greenery of summer will slowly surrender to its fate of jewel-toned transformation. The air thins out and becomes crisp and magical, beckoning us to come outdoors and revel in it. Days grow shorter, and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays dances in our subconscious minds. Many call this enchanting season their favorite time of the year.


And, while things are cooling down outside, we’re busy scurrying around indoors, bedding our nests for the chilly weather. Staying warm until Spring emerges becomes our one true endeavor. We gently nudge our fall wardrobes out of hibernation, and forgotten fireplaces are once again employed to do their duty. Snuggle season has joyfully resumed.


Perhaps the most anticipated aspect of autumn is the wonderful cold-weather food. Big pots of homemade chicken noodle soup, loaves of freshly-baked bread, and heaping portions of buttery mashed potatoes all serve to take the chill out of our bones. Hot, savory morsels give us a feeling of warm comfort when outside conditions become blustery.


Despite the joy of cooking plenty of salty, steamy food, we don’t lose our sweet tooth just because Summer’s over. Baking a lovely fruit pie, or indulging in a mug of delightful cider, can soothe us just as much as the other luscious fare. This season is famous for certain flavors that simply can’t find their place throughout the rest of the year.


Here at the Creamery, we have the most delicious autumnal flavors available for you to satiate your sugar-coated cravings. Stop by and enjoy the seasonal ice cream flavors we’ll be rotating in our feature case until Thanksgiving: Pumpkin, Gingersnap, Spicy Apple Almond, and Gobbler (pumpkin base with spicy apples and almonds added). We also have Pumpkin, as well as Gingersnap fudge on hand for you to enjoy in the Candy Kitchen. Don’t forget to peruse the pumpkin selection from our exterior décor. Pick out and purchase one while you gobble up your goodies.

Fall into this bewitching season and savor all the delectable delights that come along with it!


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