Introducing Barebones Bicycle and Fitness, Inc.

A New Venture

On Saturday, November 22nd, 2014, a new store opened at the Strasburg Shoppes. Barebones Bicycle and Fitness, Inc. launched their bike and exercise venture and now peddles their wares to the fine folks of Strasburg. The owners, Kristie and Tim Nies, both grew up in Lebanon, PA. They met in high school and married several years after graduation. Both wanted to open a business individually their whole lives, and together they decided to blend their educational backgrounds, and passions, to form the concept of a bike/fitness store.

A Natural Connection

monterey 24sp main photo lowres A Natural Connection

They explained, “There’s a natural connection between bicycling and fitness that became even more important to the two of us when coming to this point in our lives. As we dreamed about owning our own business, we weren’t sure what combination of our talents would be best utilized in a joint venture. As the idea of a bike shop built, the connection to fitness seemed obvious, and the idea of incorporating spin classes to bicycling was the impetus…the spark that lit the fire!”

An Early Interest

When he was seven-years-old, Tim got his first bike, a Schwinn Typhoon, from the now defunct Bickel’s Bike Shop in Myerstown. He loved his new bicycle, and spent a lot of time at Bickel’s. Later, he would become involved in BMX racing and would eventually build his first bicycle frame, seeding the dream to own his very own shop one day. Kristie’s interest in fitness began in high school. She worked out at home while watching videos on MTV. In time, Kristie began teaching fitness classes at a local women’s only gym. She took a hiatus from instruction to raise her eldest child, but has recently become certified as a personal trainer and resumed teaching classes. As she says, “Fitness is the best medicine for stress relief! I love fitness and find it to be the best remedy for whatever ails you!”

It's All In The Name

draft lite4 front photo chrome lowres It's All In The Name

The Nies’ came up with the name “Barebones” one day while sourcing a location for the shop. It’s a reflection of the lifestyle they choose to live. Kristie explains, “We recycle, we only buy recycled clothing, we really want to keep our lives simple. Even my fitness classes stay simple by using what you’ve come with. Tim, too, has built his career on finding and making do with materials available. That’s just the background to the birth of name that makes it so ironic. We were driving around Lancaster County trying to find a good location. One of them was next to a graveyard. As we sat and pondered that spot…the town…the area, I said, ‘well I guess if it was here we could call it Barebones’. The funny part was that Tim wasn’t even thinking of the juxtaposition of the graveyard. He just really liked the ring of the name.”

Home Base

When asked why they chose Strasburg as the home base for Barebones, they replied, “We’ve always liked Strasburg. It’s so charming and the residents have worked hard to maintain the historic value of this community. It’s vintage, old world style is so appealing to the flavor of our own interests. We are so thrilled to help Strasburg grow, not only as a tourist hotspot, but also as a place where people from all over Lancaster County will wish to live. We want to be part of it growing as a destination that people will remember and share with others.”

On A Mission

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The couple state their mission as such, “We will contribute to the growing community of bicycle enthusiasts and environmentally conscious individuals, by offering moderately-priced bicycles and services accessible to families from all backgrounds. We will offer new, quality name brands along with refurbished and custom-made bicycles, with an emphasis on simple and easy to use models. We will specialize in finding a bike for everyone, offer advice, and provide fitness opportunities (both in house and within the community), and share information on local trail rides. The backbone of Barebones is our service, repair, and maintenance - both short and long term. The fitness side of the company will focus on providing small group and personal training on-site and throughout the community. The goal is to encourage all individuals and families to maintain regular exercises. We see the community becoming increasingly bicycle centric and will offer every opportunity to participate in this growth while promoting and providing earth-friendly, healthy lifestyles.”

Community Involvement

Kristie says that what’s sets them apart is that they, “…will offer fitness classes including cardio, strength, boot camp, everything in between, and spin for those times when you can’t get your bike out on the road. Another feature is that other bike shops only offer parts and bikes. We will offer an atmosphere friendly to cyclists and art connoisseurs alike! We wish to take you back in time, and provide something for everyone to enjoy. We have been arranging monthly bicycle rides on various, local trails for the whole family. We will continue to do that next season. We wish to encourage families to go outside together and do something fun. We’ve ended the rides with potluck dinners, meeting at local eateries, etc. We hope they grow and become part of the Strasburg culture. We hope to someday to have a small bike race in Strasburg. We believe we are part of a wave in the growth of Strasburg as a destination.”

Hours: Mon 10am – 6pm | Tues CLOSED | Wed 12pm – 8pm | Thu 10am – 6pm | Fri 10am – 6pm | Sat 10am – 3pm | Sun 10am – 2pm | Rental Hours are Flexible
Address: 21 West Main Street, Strasburg, PA 17579
Phone: (717) 288-2201
Website: http://www.barebonesbicycle.com/


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