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Five Fun Facts About the Beach

Summer’s here and it’s time to hit the beach! The sandy shore isn’t just a fun place to visit, soak up the sun, and frolic with the sea creatures, the beach harbors countless fascinating facts. Check just a few of them out!

Calming Effect

Scientists have coined the term “blue mind” to describe the effect that spending time at the beach can have on our psyches. It refers to the relaxed state brought on by being in or around water. People have long known about the sedative effects of the ocean as 19th-century doctors would prescribe a beach stay to their patients as a treatment for a variety of illnesses.

Fascinating Composition

Beaches are mainly composed of small loose rocks and shells that are turned into sand by a variety of factors including ocean currents and changes in temperature. Beaches around the world are an array of different colors, including white, grey, gold, brown, red, and black. Sand is made up of remnants of local geology which can differ from one geographical region to the next.

Popular Places

Beaches became popular tourist attractions during the 1700s. Beach resort areas draw tourists who come to sunbathe, swim, collect shells, build sandcastles, and surf. Brazil has the most popular beach (Copacabana Beach) as well as the longest beach (Casino Beach) in the world.

Sea Changes

Beach environments are ever-changing. Shorelines can grow or erode thanks to the action of waves, wind, storms, and floods. Waves can erode beaches and cliffs which can change the coastline in a short amount of time. Vegetation and sand dunes also work to change the lay of the land.

Surf's Up

Surfing is a now-popular sport that originated in Hawaii. It started as a hobby for Hawaiian royalty in the 18th century but didn’t really catch on in mainstream society until the 20th century. Today, surfing and surf culture has permeated our culture and other cultures around the world. Hang ten!

Now that you know some interesting facts about the beach, it’s time to book your vacation! You know you want to.


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