Five of the Best Aspects of Halloween

We’re on the countdown to Halloween which is arguably the undisputed most fun holiday of them all. Read on to review five of the best aspects of this spooky season!

Halloween is Fun

Not only do you get to dress up, eat candy, and attend costume parties, but you also get the experience the pure joy of watching kids have the time of their life on the big day. Yes, for just one month out of the entire year, it’s okay for everyone, kids and adults alike, to pretend to be someone else without everyone thinking they’re crazy.

Halloween Candy is the Best

Halloween is one of the “candy holidays” which also include Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. Our society likes to celebrate big days with the sweet stuff - sugar that is! Halloween candy may be best of any other kind of candy because your kids get it for free!

Halloween Decorations for the Win

Halloween and fall-themed décor is simply the best. Black and orange decorations, cider-scented candles, and cinnamon pine cones scattered around the house all serve to add to the magical ambiance that typifies this holiday. And who can forget pumpkins? Carving and illuminating these orange gourds is one of the very best aspects of Halloween.

Halloween Activities - Nothing Better

Fear farms, scary movies, hayrides, corn mazes, fall festivals, scarecrow-making, bobbing for apples, dressing up, trick-or-treating. The list of fun stuff goes on and on this time of year. It’s all innocent fun that ushers in the magic of the holiday season we like to call, “Thanksoweenmas”!

Halloween is Stress-Free

Halloween is by far the least stressful holiday. Thanksgiving is all about cooking and cleaning. Christmas is super commercialized, and New Year’s is bittersweet. Halloween is all about dressing up, eating candy, partying, and just all-around having a stress-free good time.

So, there you have it. Five great aspects of Halloween. Even if you happen to have an aversion to the creepier side of this holiday, you can still enjoy it if you just have fun with it! Live the spooky life!


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