Five Ways to Prepare for Back to School

Summer’s wrapping up and it’s finally time to prepare for the next season. No, not autumn...back to school! This can be a time of joy (mainly for parents) or pain (for the kids), but regardless, a little prep can go a long way. Check these five handy tips to make the transition smoother for the whole family.

A Question of Time

We can get really lazy in the summer. Staying up late every night leads to sleeping in every morning. Bedtime rules are relaxed and everyone’s natural rhythm can be thrown out of whack big time. Best to readjust everyone’s schedules a few weeks before the first day of school to prevent cranky, exhausted children (and parents) every morning. Have your kids go to bed a half hour earlier every few nights until you get them back to a reasonable bedtime and wake them up a bit earlier every few mornings as well. They’ll thank you for it!

The Wheels on the Bus

Figure out transportation well in advance of the first day. Find out your bus number, route and schedule, line up some backup carpoolers if that’s how your child gets to school, or teach your child road safety if s/he is a walker or bike rider. Getting to and from school safely and on time is one way to make your child feel extra safe and secure during the school year.

Shop Til You Drop

Get the school supply list as early as possible before the school year starts. Hit the local dollar store first for basics and then move on to the higher priced, big box stores for the harder-to-find items. Have everything unwrapped and labeled well before the first day. Also, make sure junior has clothes and shoes that fit, not only for warm weather but also for the inevitable cooler days peppered in early fall.

Meet the Teacher

Some kids, especially younger ones, would do well to meet their teacher(s) before the school year begins. Not only does it benefit both parties, but it also gives you a chance to fill your child’s teacher in on anything, in particular, you want him or her to know about your child’s personality, learning style, anxieties, etc. If a formal “Meet the Teacher” isn’t an option, contact your child’s teacher several weeks before school starts to request a meeting.

The Picture of Health

The school year’s already very hectic. Why bother with doctor and dentist appointments during all the hustle and bustle when you can easily do it in the summer before school starts? Aside from regular check-ups, you can ask your child’s doctor to assess his or her mental and emotional health as well. Work out all the bugs, so to speak, before your kid gets on the bus that first day.

Check these handy tips off your list of school preparedness and you and your kid will surely enjoy the new school year all the more!


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