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Fun Facts About Fireworks

The Fourth of July is upon us and that means a day full of celebrations and good times topped off with a fantastic fireworks show! Most people love the loud and colorful explosions that happen on Independence Day each year, but very few know much about fireworks. Here are a few fun facts about pyrotechnics that you can tell your friends on July 4th and seem like a true expert on the subject!

Credit Where Credit's Due

It's common knowledge that the Chinese originally invented the first primitive version of fireworks, but the Italians actually created the aerial shell as well as used metallic salts to change the colors of the displays.

Feeling Blue

Different fireworks colors are created thanks to chemical reactions of specific element combinations, and apparently, the color blue is the most difficult color to produce in pyrotechnic displays.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop!

Many fireworks recipes contain elements such as sodium salicylate, potassium perchlorate, and iron flakes that produce attention-grabbing noises that add to the exciting experience of pyrotechnic displays.

What's Your Poison?

Fireworks are dangerous in more ways than one. Not only do they produce fiery explosions, but they also release poisonous gases and other materials into the environment. The good news is that more eco-friendly versions are in the works.

Independence Day

It's documented that as early as 1777, Americans have been using fireworks to celebrate our country's independence. USA! USA!

Fears and Phobias

Not everyone is a fireworks fan. Most pets, some pet owners, many wild animals, and a few peace-loving people absolutely detest the loud and bright displays.

The Happiest Place...

Disney World uses the largest amount of fireworks in the country thanks to their nightly display above the Magic Kingdom.

Fireworks are the greatest! They look, sound, and smell like freedom. But, be sure to leave the pyrotechnics to the experts. Fireworks can be extremely dangerous and proper precautions are necessary when enjoying them. Happy 4th of July!


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