Strasburg Shoppes Ice Cream Sundae

The History of the Ice Cream Sundae

Who hasn’t indulged in a delicious, decadent ice cream sundae before? If you haven’t, you’re really missing out! But, how much do we know about how the ice cream sundae came about and went on to become one of America’s favorite warm weather treats?

An ice cream sundae is generally made up of ice cream, a syrup or sauce, and toppings like fruit, whipped cream, sprinkles, peanuts, maraschino cherries, and the like.

People aren’t certain about the exact origins of the word, “sundae”, but it’s widely believed to have been derived from the day of the week with the same name, albeit with a different spelling. But why is it called a sundae? Several theories abide including that it was a replacement treat for ice cream sodas which were inexplicably outlawed to be made or consumed on Sundays in some towns, that it was made by ministers as a church day treat, and that it was created by a man with a last name that meant “Sunday” in German.

There’s also a debate about where the ice cream sundae originated. Various locales across the country claim to be the home of the sundae. Towns like Two Rivers, Illinois, Evanston, Illinois, Plainfield, Illinois, and Ithica, New York, all claim the ice cream sundae as their own. What’s not up for debate is when the sundae was invented. All stories derive in the late 1800s.

These days, people don’t think so much about why a sundae has the name it does, but rather they simply enjoy the different layers and flavors of this tempting treat. Here at the Creamery, we’ve been making this dairy delight since 1985, using our homemade ice cream! Not only do we offer the ol’ standbys, but we also have seasonal varieties such as peach and strawberry sundaes.

Come in and enjoy this summer goody before the cool weather comes!


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