lucky symbols around world

Lucky Symbols from Around the World

This is the month that we celebrate all things lucky! Some people believe in luck, while others think there’s no such thing. Luck is not just for the Irish however. Around the world, different cultures embrace the concept of luck and superstitions. Let’s explore just a few of the various good luck charms from other places.


In India, elephants are considered to be good luck symbols. They also represent wisdom, hospitality, and a long life.


The three-legged toad is a Chinese symbol of luck. Statues that depict the amphibian usually feature a golden coin in its mouth. A statue must never point towards a door that leads outside.


An ankh is a lucky symbol that originated in Egypt. They symbolize eternal life and were often held to the lips of mortals to help them pass into the afterlife.

The Middle East

Despite the name, an Evil Eye amulet is actually a lucky symbol in the middle east. Their power supposedly wards off curses and malevolent glances cast by others.


In some Native American cultures, the dreamcatcher is thought to bring luck in that they block bad dreams and collect good ones. This symbol has been embraced by many non-Native Americans and is often seen in decor.

Central America

Kachina dolls are popular luck symbols in Central America. Having this doll in one’s home is said to bring a bountiful harvest. As an added bonus, children enjoy dressing the dolls up and playing with them.


Spiders are lucky symbols in Japan, but only if you see one in the morning. This good luck arachnid should never be killed. Spiders are held in high regard in Japan and some legends state that they can shapeshift into humans if they live long enough.


We can’t forget Ireland during the month we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Several other Celtic luck symbols (aside from shamrocks) include the Irish Five Pence which is given to brides on their wedding day, dogs, dolphins, and certain knots.

Whether you believe in luck, or you don’t, there’s no doubt that it’s a concept that’s deeply rooted in many cultures around the world.


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