May Treasure Hunt

posted on May 1, 2017
SS Treasure May Treasure Hunt

As the weather warms up in Lancaster County, it’s a great time to go scouting for treasures while viewing the countryside. There are many fun and exciting ways to find antiques and other items to bring home, both practical and collectable. No matter if you are a local, here for a day trip or staying with us for a longer period, there are lots of ways to find special pieces for you and your home.

Yard Sales

SS Yard Sale Yard Sales

Yard Sales are in full swing. You never know what someone might be getting rid of or pulled from their attics. Typically, the best days are Friday and Saturday to find yard sales in Lancaster County. You might find a group yard sale to raise money for a local family or cause, a neighborhood yard sale or simply stumble upon one in your travels. Be safe and always be sure to fully pull off the road and watch for traffic if you choose to stop.

If you are a collector, you never know what you may find. This is also fun to do with children, as they often can find a treasure or two, a “new” board game to try or a toy at a reasonable price. Some people may even be willing to take an offer of a lower price. You just never know what you might find.


SS Auction Auctions

Another great way to find treasures is to attend an estate sale or auction. You can look for items that you like and bid to see if you will be the one to take home the prize. You will need to register with the auction company to get a number to bid with and will also need to read the terms of the company as well so that you know payment procedures prior to bidding. Often times, there will be more than one auctioneer, so be sure that once you have found what you are looking for, you find where it is being auctioned at as well.

Auctions take place throughout the week, at auction houses/locations where regularly scheduled events happen as well as private residences. Often times you will find a list of items on websites or the bill of sale prior to the auction and may be able to take a look at pictures to know if it is something that you are looking for before going. Not everything available will be listed or shown, so you don’t know what you will find until you arrive.

Again, if you stop, be sure to follow parking instructions and be careful whenever crossing roads. Also, be sure that you are paying attention and not bidding by accident or you could end up with something that you were not looking for. Making eye contact with the auctioneer is key to ensure that they know you are bidding, as well as using your number. Others may bid without you knowing who they are or may have called bids in.

Second Hand Stores

Second Hand Stores are also prevalent in Lancaster County. Some are on consignment, some are purchased by the dealer and sold, or others are donated items that assist charities. Typically open Monday – Saturday, these stores can offer things from furniture, clothing, glassware, and a myriad of other items, sometimes even including the kitchen sink! Although you may find that inventory isn’t entirely available on-line, you can learn what these stores specialize in before going.

Antique Shops

SS Cameras Antique Shops

Yard Sales, Auctions, and Second Hand Stores can be hit or miss. If you would rather look at larger quantities of antiques at once, Lancaster County has many antique stores and co-ops as well. Here the hard work of finding antiques has been done for you and you can wonder through and look at many in one central location.

Strasburg itself has several antique stores and there are many more within a short drive of our Inn. The thrill of the hunt is still there without the stress of wading through items that are not what you are looking for.

If you have a collection, staff can usually point you directly to what you are looking for. You may even find something new to collect or just a keepsake to remember the day by.

When The Day Is Done

SS Ice Cream When The Day Is Done

When you are finished finding your treasures, nothing is better to celebrate with than an ice cream cone at our Creamery.


Grab a bite at the famous Creamery and Deli. Stop by our Country Store and Candy Kitchen for more delicious eats.


Browse our Country Store and Candy Kitchen, peruse our Winery, check out the Bakery, and shop at our Stores.


Spend some time in Strasburg by being our guest at the beautiful and historic Village Inn Bed and Breakfast.