National Ice Cream Month Strasburg Creamery

July is National Ice Cream Month

July is the month when summer feels most like summer. Vacations are in full swing, fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant and the shadow of school is nowhere to be seen. It's only natural that July should also be National Ice Cream Month. At the Creamery we know nothing goes better with the fun and the heat of summer than the cool ice cream treat.

Although ice cream's origins have been traced back for more than 1000 years, the dessert did not take off in the USA until the invention of the hand cranked ice cream freezer around 1850. In the 20th century, ice cream became more and more popular. President Reagan declared July as National Ice Cream Month in 1984. The third Sunday of the month was also designated as National Ice Cream Day (this year it's July 15h - mark your calendars!). Ice cream deserves its special status in our country. Ninety percent of Americans enjoy it, and it's a favorite for many.

Studies show that people prefer the old standbys of chocolate and vanilla most, though new flavors like Cookies and Cream (introduced in 1983) and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (introduced in 1991) have quickly risen to the top of the list. The sky is the limit with ice cream flavors and mix-in combinations. The Creamery has more than 280 flavor recipes that are rotated throughout the year. We have a classic take on all the favorites, seasonal treats and many unique creations, like our signature Thomas the Tank Engine flavor.

One of the best things about ice cream is its versatility. It's easy to enjoy ice cream in so many different ways:

Dish - purists like to eat ice cream from a simple dish. That way all you taste is the flavor and the sweet creaminess of the ice cream.

Cone - nothing says summer than licking an ice cream cone before it melts. Some love crispy wafer cones and sweet sugar cones, but the waffle cone is king. Freshly made every day on a waffle iron, waffle cones are crispy and delicate. Many of our customers at the Creamery are lured inside by the smell of our waffle iron. It's also fun to mix and match scoops to create a double or triple dip cone.

Sundae - when it comes to sundaes, people are usually either the ooey gooey chocolate type or the fresh fruit type. We won't take sides except to say all are good. At the Creamery, we also bring ice cream into the fall with our apple dumplings a la mode.

Shakes - a blender opens up a whole new world for ice cream. Endless varieties of shakes, floats and smoothies are favorite ice cream beverages. Some people enjoy shakes with their meals, while others save a shake for dessert.

Whatever your ice cream pleasure, the Creamery has you covered. Visit us to celebrate National Ice Cream Month and enjoy!


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