Nontraditional Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Tired of the same ol’ Thanksgiving desserts? Well, so are we! Granted we don’t generally indulge in pumpkin, apple, or sweet potato pie all year round, but wouldn’t it be nice to serve something unexpected for just one year?

We’ve rounded up some amazing alternatives to the usual fare to surprise your dinner guests with on the day of thanks.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

If your guests would be aghast at the lack of pumpkin on the dessert menu, you can still make them happy, but in a slightly more elevated way. This cheesecake may be a bit heavy after the big meal, so find a way to entertain your guests while they digest and serve it later in the day. And don’t worry, you can still add a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top of each decadent slice.

Pecan Pie Truffles

Y’all. Who said you can’t serve bonafide candy for Thanksgiving dessert?! These tiny treats are sure to be a real crowd pleaser. Serve several with coffee or tea and folks will be talking for years about your out-of-the-box confectionery thinking.

Spiced Pear and Raisin Clafoutis

You don’t have to know French in order to fully enjoy the rich, sweet flavor of this rustic fruity dessert. Clafoutis is a simple dish to make despite its fancy name. Not only is it delicious, but it gives you the warm fuzzies that heated fruit dishes tend to provide. Serve with organic vanilla ice cream if desired.

Fresh Lemon Curd Mousse

While it may seem counterintuitive to offer something so seemingly light and summery after a traditional autumnal meal, lemon mousse can actually be quite refreshing after all that heavy, savory stuff. Toss some fresh berries on top for added appeal.

Salty Honey Pie

If you simply must serve pie this year, make it this one. Not only is
"salty honey pie" fun to say, it’s also scrumptious to eat. The sweet honey custard is tempered by flakes of sea salt sprinkled on the surface. Forego the whipped cream on this one, the flavor’s perfectly balanced on its own.

Toasted Hazelnut Gelato

Few flavors in this world pair better with coffee than hazelnut does. The toasty, delicate essence of this delicious creamy gelato is the perfect ending to a day full of indulgence. Serve alongside a cup of rich kona and your guests will sigh with delight.

Don’t be boring on the big day. No need to serve the same stuff every year. Mix it up and make this holiday memorable for all who attend your feast. They’ll THANK you for it!


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