Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Now that October has finally arrived, everyone knows they’re supposed to select the perfect pumpkin, take it home, transform it into a jack-o-lantern, and illuminate it on their front porch each night once the sun has set. But, what if you happen to be a little rebel who decides that you’d rather do something different and innovative with your pumpkin this year? Here are ten ideas you can use to inspire a new look for that orange gourd.

1. Get Tacky

We’ll admit that festooning pumpkins in general makes for a fairly tacky seasonal decoration, but what we’re in fact referring to in this tip are actual silver thumbtacks! Freeform a design on your intact pumpkin, or print out an online stencil to guide you along the way. This “tacky” idea actually makes for a rather elegant-looking pumpkin!

2. Cookie Cutter Craftiness

This idea is a very fast, very precise way to turn a pumpkin into a more traditional Halloween ornament. Simply purchase metal cookie cutters in scary shapes such as bats, ghosts, and witches. Place the sharper edge of the cutter against the pumpkin and gently hammer it into the flesh with a rubber mallet. You can even create an entire spooky scene on your pumpkin using various cookie cutter shapes. Drop a votive or glow stick inside and…voila!

3. Power Tools

The drill isn’t just for putting together Ikea furniture, you can also use it to create an amazing gourd-y display. Bust out the template again, or just have at it and freehand a cool look for your pumpkin.

4. Chalk It up to Paint

One way to keep your pumpkin from rotting is to avoid cutting into it altogether. Instead, why not just paint the exterior? Chalkboard paint in particular is a great choice for your gourd since it’s both black, and you can use chalk to create endless temporary designs on the pumpkin in the days leading up to Halloween.

5. Stamp It Out

Another idea in the same vein as painting is to use stamps. Beautiful and spooky Halloween stamps can be found online or at any reputable craft store. For the ink, choose colors like purple, yellow, white, and black. This is a great idea for kids who can just go to town making customizing their pumpkin without getting covered in slimy guts. Genius!

6. Temporary Vase

If you’re more of the sophisticated type who prefers fall décor over Halloween décor, you can transform your pumpkin into a vase. Slice the top off and discard, scoop out the insides, and coat the pumpkin inside and out with petroleum jelly. Place a potted Mum, a bunch of straw, a bouquet of goldenrod, or cut twigs covered in autumn leaves inside. Tie some burlap ribbon or raffia around the biggest part of the pumpkin to complete the look.

7. Cooler Weather, Pumpkin Cooler

If you’re having a Halloween party, turn a large pumpkin or two into a cooler! Slice the upper third of the pumpkin off and discard. Scoop out the guts and fill the inside with ice. Pop in your favorite bottled and canned beverages to keep them chilled in a fun and festive way.

8. Stack 'Em Up

Why be so boring and just plop one pumpkin down on the porch? Stack two or three pumpkins on top of one another to create a bolder, more dimensional look. You can even fashion a pumpkin “snowman” by recreating the wintry look. Cut the stems off of the lower level pumpkins and hammer a dowel down through your stack to keep them from toppling over in the blustery autumnal wind.

9. Dowel-icious

Speaking of dowels…you could hammer different lengths of them into a pumpkin and affix myriad objects onto the free ends of the rods. Tiny pumpkins, cheesecloth ghosts, dried hydrangea blooms…the sky’s the limit!

10. Lights On!

Use mini pumpkins to create “candles” for the dining room table, lighting up your porch, or going up and down your driveway. Carve out a tea light-sized portion from your mini pumpkin and place a battery operated candle in the void. This is an inexpensive, yet charming way to add a little light to the darkness of the season.

Gorgeous gourds and pretty pumpkins! Don’t be dull and do the usual. Pick a different decorating method this year and show the world just how Pinterest-y you can be. Who knows, maybe you’ll start a new trend in your neighborhood for years to come!



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