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Strasburg Marketing Association

Strasburg Country Store & Creamery and Strasburg Village Inn, two of the cornerstone businesses that make up Strasburg Shoppes, are proud to be members of, and to introduce you to, the Strasburg Marketing Association (SMA).

It all started in December of 1978, when seven gentlemen, representing six different businesses in the village of Strasburg, met together at what was then the Historic Strasburg Inn to discuss ways the town of Strasburg could get a bigger “piece of the pie” of Lancaster County’s tourism industry. The group’s original purpose was to support one another, support the county’s visitors’ bureau and to get travelers to the area to stay “one more day”. This group invited eight other attractions, lodging properties, retail stores, and restaurants, to join them, recognizing that more ideas and more membership revenue held more power in promoting the area to visitors. And the group, originally known as “Old Strasburg Has It All”, was formed.

The group evolved over the years, changing its name several times before becoming Strasburg Marketing Association in 2009. Membership continues to grow (though some businesses withdraw from membership for various reasons) and now, in 2016, SMA is 29 businesses strong. While the focus remains on the visitors to Lancaster County, the member businesses are also conscious of our local residents and community. You’ll find many of the SMA members contributing their time to local Strasburg events, other members who are active in collecting for food banks and/or other charities. And this year, SMA is planning to give back even more to our local community to thank you for your support.

During the Memorial Day parade, volunteers with the Strasburg Rail Road’s entry into the parade will be passing out information among the local residents about “Strasburg Days”. This weekly time frame was initiated to provide offers from many of our various members’ businesses to the parade attendees, most of whom are residents of Strasburg. Be sure you’re in the crowd at the parade to get your list of offers that you’ll be able to use from that Monday through Saturday!

And, if you’d like to know more about the Strasburg Marketing Association and other offers, you can do so in the following ways: Visit their webpage, like them on Facebook and sign up to receive quarterly emails with discount coupons.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting the members of this group and help us continue to make Strasburg a true destination for visitors and locals alike!


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