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Strasburg Photo Ops

It’s no secret that Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is one of the most picturesque locations on the planet. Practically everyone knows about the rolling green fields, pastoral scenery, and Amish influence of this region. Google images from this area and spend hours staring at the breathtaking beauty captured in photographs. In particular, Strasburg, one of many towns in Lancaster County, is wrought with photo ops that could keep any photography enthusiast busy for days.

Here are ten spots in Strasburg to shoot the next time you visit:

Strasburg Rail Road

Besides the obvious photo fodder of steam engines and rail cars from the days of yore, you can jump on board and take a ride through the beautiful countryside, snapping scenery along the way.

Rail Road Museum of Pennsylvania

Travel back in time to 1825 and capture images of artifacts from then until present time. Learning opportunities abound at this educational location.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

For twenty years, this fun farm has entertained countless kids and adults alike. Spend the day having a great time and document your day on film.

Historic Homes

Ditch your car and set off on foot up and down the streets of Strasburg. Gorgeous historic homes dating back to the 1700s line the streets and beg to be photographed.

Strasburg Antique Market

Not only is the old building that houses the market picture-worthy, but it’s filled with a treasure trove of photogenic vintage artifacts.

Covered Bridges

There are several old covered bridges in and around Strasburg. These structures are amazing shot as they are, or as a backdrop for family photos.

Sight and Sound Theatres

This incredible spectacle claims to “Bring the Bible To Life”! Live animals, elaborate costumes, and impressive sets are all perfect to snap shots of.

The Amish Village

Tour an authentic Amish property and learn about this unique way of life. Make memories and document your time there with your camera.

Ed's Buggy Rides

Ride an actual horse and buggy through Amish country and take pictures of the incredible postcard-worthy scenery along the way.

Strasburg Creamery

That’s right! We have many beautiful displays and fascinating demonstrations for you to shoot. Come in today and snap away! Have some ice cream while you’re at it.

There’s no shortage of amazing and bucolic scenery in Strasburg. Don’t visit without your camera, and if you’re ready to roam, click here for other recommendations outside of Strasburg.

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