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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas!!

If you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet, you’re running out of time! Christmas is only a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring and buy your friends and family gift certificates or other unoriginal presents. Following is a list of fun, unique, and meaningful gifts you can give your loved ones this Christmas!


For the college sports fan in your life, who also happens to enjoy food, purchase a FANPAN! FANPANs are multi-use pans that are great for making cakes, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, ice cubes, molded chocolate, ice cream, and candy. Fun and functional! No better way to show team spirit than with a FANPAN!

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2. Personalized Pet Ornament

Featured as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, these personalized pet ornaments by Moon & Lola will make your favorite pet owner smile this season. Choose from a wide array of whimsical pet silhouettes and have the animal’s name engraved upon it. An heirloom keepsake to enjoy forever!

3. Cast Iron Skillet

Though more of a practical gift, a cast iron skillet is a fabulous present to give away this Christmas. Food just tastes better when cooked in cast iron. Your gift recipient will ditch the non-stick and stainless steel once they have this kitchen staple on hand.

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4. Custom Home Portrait

Brenda Priest, a talented North Carolina-based artist, will draw a portrait of your loved one’s house from a photo. This gift will become an heirloom that can stay in your family for generations to come!

5. Latitude Longitude Necklace

Certain geographical locations can have a great deal of significance. Perhaps the town where a child was born, the spot where a couple married, or maybe a favorite travel destination. Now you can gift someone with those special coordinates that he or she can wear close to his or her heart.

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6. Canvas Print

In the age of digital media, printed photos are a rarity. Go above and beyond and have a favorite snapshot printed on canvas. What grandparents wouldn’t love to hang a canvas portrait of their grandchildren on the wall to admire daily?!

7. Individualized Genealogy Coffee Table Book

This cool gift turns your family tree into a conversation piece. A fully researched and beautifully crafted book is created from your family history. Pass it down from generation to generation to keep the newest family members in the know!

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8. Solar Charger

Another practical gift, but with all the devices we depend on each day, who couldn’t use a portable solar charger this Christmas? PowerFilm is the perfect gift for any techy in your life.

9. Monogram Keychain

Chic and affordable, this personalized keychain is sure to elicit cries of delight from anyone in possession of keys.

10. Season Tickets and/or Memberships

If all else fails, and you know for sure what your recipient loves, you can give him or her season tickets for sporting or arts events. Or, perhaps purchase a subscription for them to their favorite “of-the-Month” club, like for wine, or cheese, or beauty products. Do your kids love the zoo? Buy them a membership that affords them extra perks when they go visit the animals. These sorts of clubs, subscriptions, and memberships exist for just about everything, so surprise your loved ones with their favorite things and experiences this year.

Gift giving can be a challenge. Some people are just naturally intuitive and always know what their friends and family want to receive. For the rest of us, picking the perfect gift isn’t so easy. Use this list to guide you in your gift-giving goals this holiday season!


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