Wonderful Waffle Cone

The Wonderful Waffle Cone

There are few things in life that will stop people in their tracks like the smell of baking waffle cones. At the Creamery, we notice that people follow their noses inside just about every time the waffle irons are being used. People also travel far and wide for a freshly made cone to complement their ice cream; some say it's as important as the ice cream itself. In honor of National Waffle Cone Day (August 5), here's a little information about America's favorite ice cream companion.

Ice cream cones are a somewhat recent phenomenon, with the first recorded use in the late 19th century. Waffle cones burst onto the scene at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. The story goes that a Syrian baker, Ernest Hamwi, was selling the Middle Eastern treat zalabia (crisp wafer-like pastries) next door to a busy ice cream stand at the fair. When the ice cream maker ran out of bowls on a hot day, Hamwi rolled some fresh zalabia into cones to serve as makeshift serving dishes. The world has never been the same. To this day, waffle cones are beloved by ice cream and pastry enthusiasts everywhere.

Waffle cones are easy to make if you have practice and the right equipment. The basic recipe is a mixture of flour, sugar, cream and blend of sweet spices. The ingredients are mixed and allowed to "sit a spell" to meld the flavors. The prepared batter is then poured onto a piping hot waffle iron, resulting in a lovely sizzle and the intoxicating smell we all love. Finally, the waffles are removed from the iron and rolled around a cone-shaped mold. Delicious!

There is an easy way to get that perfect waffle cone without the work. Just pop by the Strasburg Creamery and get a crispy cone to go with a scoop (or two) of your favorite ice cream flavor. There's a waffle cone waiting here with your name on it!


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