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5 Ways to Make Mom Feel Special

May is here and that means celebrating our wonderful mothers for all they are and all they do. But, why only take one day out of the month to make your mom feel special? There are many simple ways to put a smile on her face.

1. Call Her

This may seem cliché, but in a world of online communication, it can be so easy to just text, email, or private message someone instead of taking the time out of your day to have an actual conversation. Letting your mom hear your voice is a wonderful way to make her feel loved.

2. Send Her Flowers

What woman doesn’t love flowers? A beautiful bouquet (or even a houseplant) delivered once a month to your mom will surely mean the world to her. Bonus points if you find out what her favorite flower is!

3. Offer to Do Chores

A mother’s work is never done, as the old saying goes. Ask her what you can do for her to make her life easier? Mow the lawn? Do the dishes? Run errands? These are all quick and easy things you can do to make your mother feel special.

4. Take Her out to Dinner

Taking your mother out to dinner is not only a treat, but it also allows her to skip making dinner for one evening. Win, win! Make sure you pick a place that serves food she enjoys, isn’t too loud, and is pricy enough that she feels important to be there (i.e. - no fast food).

5. Write Her a Letter

This goes along the same lines as calling her, but a snail mail letter telling Mom how much you love and appreciate her will mean so much to the woman who raised you. Skip the greeting card too, by the way. While pretty, they’re usually fairly meaningless and a lot of people don’t know what to do with them after they’ve received them.

These are all fairly easy, common sense ways to make your mother feel special, but how often do we do some or even any of them? It doesn’t take much to make Mom feel loved, so go the extra mile and let her know you don’t take her for granted. Happy Mother’s Day!


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