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Ten Alternatives to a Traditional Easter Basket

Easter will be here in a few weeks and kids all over the country are starting to get eager for the Bunny to come and fill up all the baskets. If you cringe at the thought of giving your kids all that cavity-causing candy, there are plenty of alternatives to a traditional Easter basket that you can surprise them with instead. Here are a few ideas:

Movie Date Basket

Maybe your kid loves going to the movies. Buy a plastic movie popcorn bucket and fill it with tickets, DVDs, microwave popcorn, and yes, even a little candy.

Fashion Basket

For the fashionista in your house, fill a fabulous basket with jewelry, stylish socks, hair accessories, and gift cards.

Bath/Beauty Basket

Some kids love to indulge in self-care and a basketful of soap, bath bombs, makeup, lotions, potions, and more is the perfect Eastor morning surprise.

Superhero Basket

Fiction fans would just adore an Easter basket filled with comic books, action figures, costumes, and the like.

Book Basket

For little readers, a basket full of books is a dream come true!

Art Basket

Tiny Picassos would be thrilled with a basket full of crayons, paint, markers, and paper.

Beach Basket

Take a bucket and add a shovel, inflatable beach ball, flip flops, and a beach towel.

Craft Basket

Crafty kids would revel in a basket full of yarn, crochet hooks, glitter, glue, and scissors.

Healthy Basket

Some kids actually prefer healthy snacks! Gummies, dried fruit, organic granola bars, and other nutritious goodies are all great choices.

Outdoors Basket

For the outdoor kid, fill a basket with bubbles, a jump rope, sidewalk chalk, and small bouncy balls.

The Bunny has to visit, but he doesn’t need to bring unhealthy sugary treats. With a little thought and effort, you can tailor a basket perfectly to your child’s wants and likes.


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